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Celexa (Citalopram)

Brand Names: Celexa
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How Celexa Works to Treat Patients

For those patients who suffer from depression, Celexa is one of the most effective medications to manage this health condition. Besides, this medicine is often taken to treat panic disorder, OCD, anxiety disorder, PMDD and other similar ailments.

Basics of Its Action

Celexa is a popular antidepressant that works by affecting certain neurotransmitters. Many scientists and doctors believe that different imbalances of neurotransmitters are responsible for developing depression and similar health conditions. The good news is that this medicine works by preventing the uptake of serotonin, and this is what allows it to be an effective treatment. Basically, Celexa belongs to a group of meds called SSRIs and antidepressants.

List of Unwanted Symptoms

Like other drugs, the intake of Celexa is associated with certain adverse effects, such as the following:

  • Vomiting and nausea;
  • Headaches and tremors;
  • Dry mouth and excessive sweating;
  • Dizziness and drowsiness;
  • Difficulty sleeping.

In general, 1 in 5-6 patients experience the above-mentioned adverse effects, and this medicine is also associated with sexual dysfunctions. Besides, some users may develop withdrawal symptoms, especially when stopping this kind of treatment abruptly, and they include:

  • Unusualtiredness and dizziness;
  • Vivid dreams and tingling sensations;
  • Poormood and irritability.

The most important thing is that antidepressants, including Celexa, are known for increasing the risk of suicidal behaviors and ideas, especially in teens and kids, and that’s why they should be closely monitored by their doctors.

Doses and Available Forms

It’s possible to find Celexa in the form of oral solutions and standard tablets that are available in different strengths. When it comes to correct doses, the common starting one is not higher than 20 mg taken either in the evening or in the morning. It can be increased or decreased according to people’s individual response to this treatment, and it usually takes a few weeks to notice positive effects.

Risky Drug Combinations

It’s not advisable to combine Celexa with MAO inhibitors because patients are at risk of developing such serious side effects as hypertension, confusion, hyperactivity and tremors. Moreover, the combination of Celexa and Tryptophan may result in nausea, headaches, dizziness and vomiting, so it should be avoided, too. Other meds that shouldn’t be taken together with this medicine include Linezolid, Aspirin, etc.

Important Precautions

Before starting this kind of treatment, patients need to tell their doctors about possible allergic reactions, liver and kidney problems, seizures, suicide attempts, other mental disorders, bleeding issues, intestinal and stomach ulcers, low sodium levels and so on. In addition, the intake of Celexa can make them feel drowsy or cause certain vision changes, so that users shouldn’t do anything that requires their full alertness, including driving.

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