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Brand Names: Hysingla ER, Zohydro ER
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Hydrocodone to Relieve Devastating Pain

Hydrocodone serves a powerful pain reliever that belongs to a group of opioid (narcotic) pain treatments. The drug helps decrease mild and severe pain and prevent its further occurrence. Being available in two forms, the drug promotes complete safety from possible pain appearance. While an immediate release drug is for use as-needed, its extended-release form helps reduce severe pain all around the clock. Talk to your healthcare provider before the medication use in order to prevent possible complications.

Key Information to Know before Use: Recommendations, Contraindications, Precautions and Interactions

Never start Hydrocodone administration if you are allergic to its active ingredients, suffer from breathing disorders or are diagnosed with paralytic ileus. Additionally, warn your physician about other health problems you have to make sure the treatment course will trigger no abnormalities and downsides. Mentiondangerous disorders and diseases you have, especially:

  • Breathing issues;
  • Liver or kidneydiseases;
  • Problemsurinating;
  • Alcohol or drugabuse;
  • Lungillness;
  • Thyroid, pancreas or gallbladder problems and others.

Hydrocodone is a habit forming treatment, thus, it should not be overused. Otherwise, you can get dangerous side effects, addiction or fatal health problems. Never pass the drug to other people with identical symptoms without doctor’s permission.

Some other treatments may interact with Hydrocodone, leading to severe health issues, with the most dangerous being serotonin syndrome. That is why make sure your healthcare specialist is aware of all the other prescription and non-prescription medications, herbal products and other pharmaceutical supplements you take, especially treatments for:

  • Migraineheadaches;
  • Severepain;
  • Mental disorders;
  • Anxiety, depression or panic attacks;
  • Parkinson’sdisease, etc.

Do not start Hydrocodone therapy when pregnant or breastfeeding. The remedy is prohibited for children either. Follow doctor’s prescription without any changes to experience the desirable relief and get no side effects.

Properly Chosen Hydrocodone Dose - 100% Guarantee of Safe and Effective Treatment

While Hydrocodone dose and duration of the treatment course are prescribed individually, the average dose for significant pain relief reaches 10 mg taken orally, each 12 hours. The dose can be changed according to the body response to the medication. However, ask your doctor to adjust it and never increase or decrease the dose. The maximal dose of ER Hydrocodone available is 80 mg, though it is prescribed in exceptional cases.

Hydrocodone Overuse and Misuse

Address the poison center or seek medical assistance if any symptoms of allergic reaction occur after the drug intake. Call your doctor if you have noticed other serious complications, including:

  • Breathing disorders;
  • Erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and other sexual problems;
  • Missedmenstrualperiods;
  • Lightheadedness, confusion, dizziness, etc.

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