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Brand Names: Ativan
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Fundamental Details about Lorazepam Uses

Those people who need to manage their anxiety disorders are often prescribed to use Lorazepam. This medication is also effective against panic attacks, seizures and insomnia, and that’s why it’s often taken in the right combination with other pills to prevent such unwanted symptoms as vomiting and nausea. Sometimes, it’s also taken before anesthesia and to prevent alcohol withdrawal.

Basic Information about This Medicine

When it comes to the right Lorazepam dosage, it’s always tailored according to the needs of patients. For example, their normal dose to treat anxiety is 2-6 mg taken orally each 8-12 hours, while insomnia is treated with a lower dose used before the bedtime. This medication comes as injections, special oral solutions and standard pills that are available in different strengths.

Basically, Lorazepam is an oral medicine taken to treat such health conditions as anxiety, and it belongs to a class of meds called benzodiazepines. There are suggestions that it works by affecting the effects of GABA in the brain, but the best part is that this medication is removed from the blood faster than other benzodiazepines, so that patients are exposed to a lower risk of toxicity. Another great thing is that Lorazepam has fewer drug interactions, and its use was approved by the FDA more than 15 years ago.

Important Warnings

Just like other benzodiazepines, this medicine may lead to developing physical dependence, so that it’s not allowed to stop taking it abruptly if patients don’t want to end up with certain withdrawal symptoms, such as:

  • Agitation and insomnia;
  • Losing their self-worth;
  • Tremors and seizures;
  • Vomiting and sweating;
  • Cramping.

Other Unwanted Side Effects

There are other adverse effects associated with the intake of Lorazepam, including:

  • Dizziness and weakness;
  • Sedation and unsteadiness;
  • Depression and headaches;
  • Sleeping difficulty and losing orientation.

Dangerous Drug Interactions

The use of Lorazepam may accentuate the effects of other meds that work by slowing specific processes in the brain, including barbiturates, alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers, narcotics and a few others, so that their combinations are not recommended because of possible risks, such as increased sedation.

Basic Precautions

Pregnant and breastfeeding women shouldn’t start this treatment without consulting their doctors, because it can be dangerous. Before using Lorazepam, all patients should tell their physicians about other health conditions they have, including allergic reactions, liver and kidney problems, glaucoma, mood and mental conditions, breathing and lung difficulties, alcohol and drug abuse, etc. In addition, its intake can make them feel dizzy, drowsy and cause vision changes, so that they shouldn’t drive or perform other similar activities. For older patients and minors, the risk of developing unwanted side effects is increased.

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