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Soma (Carisoprodol)

Brand Names: Soma, Vanadom
Related Medications: Naprelan, Naprosyn, Regonol, Skelaxin, Ultram, Ultram ER, Zipsor

Common Uses and Effects of Soma

When people need to treat muscle discomfort and pain, they are often prescribed to take Soma as their effective short-term treatment. However, this medication should be combined with enough rest, physical therapies and other treatment options to get the most out of it. Its intake works by helping users relax their muscles.

How to Use Soma Correctly

Basically, this medication should be taken orally, either with or without meals, four times a day. The right dosage of all patients depends on their overall health condition and other important factors, and it’s not allowed to take Soma for a long time because it’s responsible for causing certain withdrawal symptoms, especially if it’s used for a long time or in quite high doses. When patients notice such withdrawal signs as difficulty sleeping, stomach cramps, nausea and headaches, they need to stop this treatment and call their doctors. Their regular doses should be reduced gradually to avoid this health complication, and they shouldn’t be increased or changed abruptly because Soma causes addiction, and this risk is increased when patients abuse drugs or alcohol.

Potential Adverse Effects

The intake of Soma may result in development of certain side effects, including mild headaches, drowsiness and dizziness. These symptoms are not serious, and they will stop over time. Besides, most patients who take this medication don’t develop any unwanted signs, but it’s necessary to go to the hospital when it comes to such serious side effects as the following:

  • Allergicreactions and confusion;
  • Severe swelling and trouble breathing;
  • Irregularheartrates;
  • Stomachulcers.

Things to Be Avoided

Before starting to use Soma, all patients need to tell their physicians if they have any possible allergies to it or similar drugs, different blood disorders, liver and kidney problems, seizures, alcohol or drug abuse and other pre-existing conditions that may affect the safety and effectiveness of this treatment. Moreover, Soma can make patients feel drowsy and dizzy, so that they should be careful when performing any activities that require their complete attentiveness, including driving a car. All kinds of alcoholic beverages should be avoided when taking this medicine, too. Unfortunately, older patients are more prone to developing unwanted side effects to Soma, especially confusion and drowsiness. Nursing and pregnant women are not allowed to take it without consulting their doctors because of possible health risks.

Dangerous Combinations with Other Meds

It’s not advisable to take Soma with other pharmaceuticals that result in drowsiness, including antihistamines, alcoholic beverages, pills for anxiety and sleeping disorders, muscle relaxants, street drugs, narcotic pain relievers, MAO inhibitors and some others. The main reason is that they reduce its effectiveness while increasing the risk of having dangerous side effects.

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